Journal Articles

"Examining the Public Health Rationale for Barber Licensure During the Progressive Era" (with Daniel J. Smith and Sean-Patrick Alvarez) Major Revisions at The Journal of Law and Economics

"Economic Freedom Matters A Lot More for Economic Growth Than You Think!" (with Vincent Geloso and Sean-Patrick Alvarez) R&R at European Journal of Political Economy

"Examining the Public Interest Rationale for Regulating Whiskey with the Pure Food and Drugs Act" (with Daniel J. Smith). Public Choice 196(1-2) 2023: 85-122.

Media Coverage: Regulation and Unintended Consequences (Cato Institute)

Examining the Effect of Arkansas’s Increased Severance Tax Rate on Natural Gas Production” (with K. Michael Casey). Oil, Gas & Energy Quarterly 69(1) 2020: 71-81.

 Working Papers

"Assuring Consumers of Authenticity, Safety, & Quality: Early American Whiskey Markets" (with Mark Packard and Daniel J. Smith)

Media Coverage: Regulation and Unintended Consequences (Cato Institute)

 Works in Progress

"Free-Market Football: Analyzing the Effect of the Bundesliga's 50+1 Rule"

“Bank Runs, Contagion, and Mitigation Measures in the United States, 1850-1950” (with Daniel J. Smith, Sean-Patrick Alvarez, and Jacob Smith)

 Policy Papers

The Costs of Occupational Licensing in Tennessee & Avenues for Reform” (with Ron Shultis, Daniel J. Smith, and Protik Nandy). Political Economy Research Institute and the Beacon Center of Tennessee, 2022.

Advancing Certificate-of-Need Reform in Tennessee” (with Daniel J. Smith). PERI Policy Study, 2021.

Media Coverage: EconVersations (Troy University)

Popular Publications

"Straight Whiskey and Bad Regulation," (with Daniel J. Smith). Regulation (Cato Institute). Fall 2023. 

Occupational licensing reduces economic opportunity in Tennessee,” (with Ron Shultis and Daniel J. Smith). Tennessean. April 5th, 2022.

Costs of occupational licensing fall heaviest on vulnerable Tennesseans,” (with Ron Shultis and Daniel J. Smith). The Center Square. March 30th, 2022.

Why Tennessee must reform Certificate-of-Need regulations to improve health care market,” (with Daniel J. Smith). Tennessean. January 25th, 2022.

Tennessee’s alcohol taxes fall heaviest on the poor,” (with Daniel J. Smith). Tennessean. May 6th, 2021. 

Brexit,” Log Cabin Democrat. January 4th, 2020.